Thursday, March 24, 2011

Milwaukee Offers Grant Money for First-time Homebuyers

Did you know that there are grant programs available in Milwaukee to help families buy their first home?

If your family income is 80 percent of the Milwaukee County median income requirements ($45, 500 for a family of two; $56,900 for a family of four), you may be eligible for as much as $5,000 in forgivable grant money to put towards a down payment and mortgage closing costs. Standard qualifying is required; however the money is typically forgiven on a pro-rated basis in five years.

As Milwaukee’s lead lender in affordable housing, PyraMax Bank participates in every grant and government loan program available in the city, including WHEDA, FHA, and Veteran loans. We can help families determine if they are eligible for any grant money currently available based on income and where they want to live.

Any grants or loans require the potential home buyer to participate in homeowner education classes. The education is provided by a third party and not the bank. PyraMax has partnered with some of the best agencies in Milwaukee who provide these courses, including Select Milwaukee and HBC Services.

The homeowner education course is six to eight hours of classroom study. The course educates potential homeowners about the entire homebuyer process to make sure families are not purchasing more than they can afford. Participants draft a purchase document and go through the financing process to determine the best loan available. Families also go through the home inspection process, home insurance and property appraisals to determine the value of the property.

Community banks have not made the same mistakes as some of the big out of town banks. PyraMax helps families find loan or grant programs that are best for them and the community. This mission has served the bank well for more than 115 years. If you think you may qualify for a first-time homeowner grant or loan, stop by any of our offices to speak to a loan officer or ask for our community development coordinator, Gary White.

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