Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You could win $2,500 in October just by using automatic bill pay.

Have you paid your bills yet this month?
Pay 3 bills using online bill pay and you could win $2,500.

Here’s a really good reason to get into online banking. You could win $2,500 during the month of October. Every checking account product at PyraMax Bank offers free online banking, which includes automatic “bill pay.” You can set up your account for the bank to pay your monthly bills or you can do it yourself using your online checking account. During the month of October, if you use automatic “bill pay” to pay three bills, you will be entered in the $2,500 drawing. After that, every bill you pay using "bill pay" up to 25 will get you another entry into the drawing. We’ll even provide the stamps and envelopes if you need the check mailed, for free.

This drawing is available at all of our banks. There is second drawing for $100 at each of our nine locations. This offer is good Oct. 1 through Oct. 31. Best of luck to everyone!

For full contest rules and information please go to: http://www.fallintomoneysweeps.com/pyramaxbank/


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